07 August 2012

A little craftiness to reboot life

Why does this ancient blog now only have one post? Well, because I'm starting over. The past is old news and today's crafty problem-solving is new news.

This post could be subtitled "I hate suction cups." Really... I loath them. They never stick. Or they stick too much (though rarely). So how does one store bath toys without those cutesy little bags that adhere to the tub with suction cups? We tried the "pile them in the corner of the tub" method, but that is irritating. We tried the "throw them in a large bowl" method, but they got grodey pretty quickly.

$1 for a mesh sock bag (it was with the baby items) + $.97 for 10 child-sized plastic hangers + My trusty sewing kit = My solution to the most pressing issue of our day!

Now where's my Nobel?!

[If I were to do this again, I'd go for the embroidery floss instead of regular thread. I doubled the thread, but I think the floss would hold the weight better in the long-run.]

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