18 August 2012

Easy Art and a tough lesson everyone else probably already knows

I posted the other day about the nifty Scrabble-themed wall art I made for Mommy Person. Prior to making the giftier version, I decided I'd test the waters with a little home decor trial run of my own. We moved recently and now the boys have their very own bathroom. All of my fru-fru gardeny bathroom decor didn't exactly fit. Thanks to the genius inspiration that is Pinterest, I had a plan! It's a simple plan, too. I bet your kids could even follow this plan. Your kids... not my kids.

I used canvas board for this project because I had them already, but cardboard would probably work just as well. [Note: I bought I 3-pack of 8 1/2 x 11 boards and Hero Man cut them in half for me.]

You will need:
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Canvas board (or other sturdy backing)
  • Tacky glue
 Spray the board with adhesive. Do this outside. Don't even consider doing it inside. Bad, awful, horrible, evil things happen when you use spray adhesive.

I went outside and I still used newspaper (horrible, evil things, I'm tellin' you). I was inadvertently morbid though, and use the obits. Don't use the obits. That's disrespectful. *oops*
After you spray the board, center a sheet of scrapbook paper of it, then carefully, very carefully, starting at a corner works best, lay the paper on the board. The spray adhesive isn't exactly permanent, so you can pull it up and rework it if needs be. 

Then you just flip it over, trim the edges, and wrap the edges like a present, gluing them with tacky glue. Don't forget to crease the corners at a diagonal. It will look a little neater that way.

That's it!

As I've said before, I'm not creative, so I used Command strips to hang these. Look how cute they are in the bathroom!

I'm sure the brighter among us have already figured out the inherent flaw in my plan. These were hung... in. the. bathroom.The place with the steamy shower and 4 hoodlums splashing water. You know, the wet place?

See, apparently Command strips don't like moisture. Apparently spray adhesive doesn't either. Apparently, neither does paper. Who knew?

So while this is a craft that simple and worth repeating, don't bother if you're gonna put them in the bathroom.

I am my mother's daughter! Look what I remembered! My mom did exactly the same thing to cover a hideous glass block window between our kitchen and living room. Well, sort of the exact same thing.. she used fabric and a wooden frame she made/had made to fit the window. Ignore that doofy looking girl who may or may not be me. I'll admit to nothing.

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