11 August 2012

Sneaky, sneaky

I was asked recently about my propensity for crafting after the boys go to bed; the inquisition was centered on the idea that children are capable of creating wonderful crafties that are not only gift-worthy, but have an extra aaawwww factor. This is an indisputable fact.... if you have children who aren't mine.

My children on the other hand - - -

Something mystical and evil happens to my otherwise glorious progeny the moment they see a bottle of glue. Really. It's very Poltergeist. You should see it some time. You'd be safe viewing from the other side of the room   behind bullet-proof glass    the safety of your own home, via live video feed. If you're Catholic, have your priest on speed-dial.

"Elmer's is the Debbil!" 

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