15 August 2012

The Leftovers

The last two posts were about the primary Scrabble-themed crafts I made for Mommy Person (Scrabble Coasters and Scrabble/Bible Wall Art). Today I'm going to show you the beyond-simple way to use leftover tiles.

In case you're just joining this adventure, I needed three Ws for my main craft. Standard distribution of letters means only 2 come per 100 tiles. I bought two bags of tiles and had 160 tiles left over!

Remember those fridge-poetry-magnet-thingies? How about with individual letters, instead?

(Just a handful of the letters.) I could NOT get a decent picture!
I had actually pictured a fancy-shmancy looking, well-used serving tray. But our local Goodwill failed me repeatedly. Fortunately for Mommy Person, she's married to the king of the Pittsburgh garage sales! I'm certain that Grandpa T will find something more suitable than this.... blahness.

At least the clearance-find cookie sheet I settled on came with two super-cute cookie cutters (which may or my not have had anything had all to do with my choosing this particular cookie sheet).

I used magnet strips that had peel-n-stick backing. I had to cut them into smaller bits. I originally intended to get magnetic dots, but the circles would have cost me twice as much.

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Burl Walker said...

I love the idea of making the magnets out of scrabble letters! My wife and I have the French word magnet set on our fridge. I make funny sentences out of them from time to time.