13 August 2012

Words for Friends

And by "Friends," I mean my mother (AKA, The Mommy Person).

There are two things you should know about The Mommy Person:
1. She is a pastor who loves the Lord with every fiber of her being.
2. She loves Scrabble more than any sane person I know.

A couple of months ago, I ran across an image of Scrabble tile coasters. As with many things I find on Pinterest, I didn't bother pinning it. I'd like to give credit to the original inspiration, so if you happen to have the link, feel free to comment with it.

The coaster image led me to create three different crafties as a gift set for my mother. I'll start with the coasters and blog about the other two over the next few days.

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when crafting with Scrabble tiles. First, they aren't square. Not only are the tiles not square, but the letters are often stamped on all willy-nilly. If you are OCD, skip this post. Skip this idea, entirely. In fact, don't even bother playing Scrabble.

Second, know your letter distribution. Many crafters use Scrabble tiles as the basis for their work (mostly jewelers), so the tiles can be purchased from a variety of vendors in bags of 100; they are still the standard distribution. What does that mean for you? For example, in one of the other crafts, I needed three "w"s. There are only two in each set. That means I had to order two sets. Before you order tiles, plan out exactly what letters you are going to need and determine how many sets will be required. 

Back to my recreation of the coasters...
Thing is, the original image contained, shall we say, drink-inspired words. My mom... yeah, that wouldn't fly. My solution? As you can see, I picked a different theme for each coaster (names of God, important people, books, "power words").

Much more fitting than "shot," "pint," etc.

And now it's time point out that I currently reside in a tiny town in Arkansas. My supply options were limited. I purchased a 4-pack of corkboard tiles, but you can probably find a less expensive cork sheet. I found it easiest to cut the cork a little smaller than the finished coaster. Then I arranged the tiles on the coaster and glued each tile one-by-one. I also ran a thin bead of glue around the edges of the tiles to glue them to each other. Super simple, fairly quick (the longest bit was finding words that didn't require more tiles than I had of a particular letter).

1. Cut the cork -  I used a razor knife to cut one of the pieces of cork board into four squares roughly the size of 4x4 Scrabble tiles. 
2. Then I glued each tile in place, one at a time. That's it. Easy-peasy. (The glue I used was Tacky Glue.)
Tomorrow, I blog about the wall art and Wednesday will cover how to use the leftovers.

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Jill Zerby said...

Love this idea, Amie!